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This is a basic list of props and instructions for their use in the participation to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as notes on how often they are banned and when to use them.

Presented in order of their use in the film:

RICE The opening segment of the film involves a wedding of Ralph Hapschatt and Betty Monroe. As the newlyweds leave the church, rice is thrown by both the actors in the film and the audience.
As usual, it is customary to toss uncooked rice.
This is sometimes banned due to the mess, but is also probably the most popular prop.
NEWSPAPER During a thunderstorm, Brad and Janet are forced to vacate their car as it has a flat tire. As they proceed to head towards a castle they spotted "back there", Janet places a newspaper (specifically the Plain Dealer) over her head.
You should do likewise because of the next prop that occurs.
Rarely banned, but not usually used at theaters that ban water.
WATER PISTOL This enables a safe and clean way of simulating the thunderstorm that is occurring on the screen.
Hopefully, you read the previous step first and took the necessary precautions.
Used at exact same moment as newspaper.
Filling it with anything else than water isn't cool and is likely to get you booted uncerimoniously from the theater.
When Brad and Janet sing "There's a light" you should flick your Bic (or turn a flashlight on and point it straight up) and keep it lit until you hear the phrase "in the darkness".
Don't forget, keep it away from you head and other people's heads, after all, newspapers torch up very quickly.
Candles used to be popular as well, but they are a potential fire hazard.
Lighters are banned from most theaters. Flashlights are not banned anywhere.
RUBBER GLOVES Preferably new ones. Dr. Frank N. Furter has a habit of snapping his gloves on his wrist during and after the creation speech. Audience participation requires crucial timing in this event to add to the effect.
NOISEMAKERS Virtually anything that makes noise and is used at parties and/or New year's Eve celebrations. After Frank finishes his "Mad Doctor's Creation Speech", the Transylvanians and the audience should offer noise and applause.
Not banned anywhere.
CONFETTI Frank leads the newly created Rocky into the Master Suite to "make him into a man", after the Charles Atlas song. Join in with the Transylvanians and throw confetti to celebrate the happy couple.
If rice is banned, you really shouldn't throw this either.
BALLOONS Used to simulate Rocky feeling Janet up during "Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me", blow up and balloon and squeak it while Rocky is discovering the wonder of Susan Sarandon's breasts.
It can also be used earlier in the film to simulate Brad and Janet's blowout, but this usually scares the shit out of people.
Not usually used or banned.
TOILET PAPER Brad coins another great expression when Dr. Scott enters the laboratory by shouting out "Great Scott". This is your cue to hurl rolls of toilet paper. It would be preferable to use Scott brand toilet paper, but most of people won't notice if you choose to use a more economical brand.
Definitely banned in some theaters, but nowhere near as much as rice. Check first.
TOAST Dr. Frank N. Furter proposes a toast at the dinner table and this should signal you to throw toast into the air. It is best if the toast is not too old (kind of hard), not too burnt (that black stuff flakes off), and unbuttered.
Banned in some places.
PARTY HAT Frank leads the table members into donning their party hats for the festive occasion. Feel free to join in and put yours on. Any color is fine and tassels are optional.
When Dr. Frank N. Furter asks the question, "Did I hear the bell ring?" during the song "Planet Schmanet", you can ring your bell for an answer.
Keys are a great substitute.
CARDS Any kind of cards will do during the song of "I'm Going Home", when Frank sings the phrase, "cards for sorrow, cards for pain.", playing cards, computer cards, greeting cards, index cards.... whatever suits you. Playing cards are the traditional choice. It is advisable not to use credit cards.

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